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On Helene's website, , you will find her books on historical jewelry making, photos of ancient jewelry, tutorials, and information about historical of jewelry.

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Ancient Wire

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Ancient Wire II

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How to Make Your Own Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel 

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How to Make Your Own Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel through Amazon
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Helene Jacobs, author of the Ancient Wire jewelry making series, specializes in recreating ancient jewelry from many different cultures. She gives her readers detailed instructions for creating ancient jewelry and shows them where they can learn more about the history of the pieces.   As she finds new information on the artifacts in her books, Helene updates her website, .

Helene's latest book is How to Make Your Own Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel For Spinning Fiber into Yarn. The designs presented in this book can be easily customized to fit your needs; several of the Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel designs are based on historical examples. There are even options for doing more than just spinning with your Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel, such as using it to wind balls of yarn.