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How to Make Your Own Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel
For Spinning Fiber into Yarn
by Helene Jacobs

Start spinning the easy way by Making Your Own Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel using readily available parts and common tools!

Have you wished for the perfect yarn for your next knitting, weaving or crochet project?

Do you long for beautiful, expensive art yarns, but the cost is too high or there isn’t enough to make the perfect sweater?

If so, spin your own beautiful yarn, in the quantity you need for any project with your very own Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel.

How to Make Your Own Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel for Spinning Fiber into Yarn, shows several different, easy plans to construct a spinning wheel from readily available parts and with common tools.  The designs presented in this book can be easily customized to fit your needs.

My Basic Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel design was created to be a portable version of a Great Wheel. Some of the Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel designs in the book are adapted from medieval and 19th century examples and artwork.

Once you have made your own customized Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel, you can create your own beautiful yarns for knitting, weaving or crochet.

There are options for doing more than just spinning with your Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel.  Your Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel can also be used to:

• Ply your yarn to your own specifications.
• Wind any yarn into center pull balls.
• Wind yarn onto bobbins or quills for weaving.

This book has comb binding that will stay open and lay flat while you work.

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96 pages

139 B&W illustrations

In a high stress world where we can’t always take time for ourselves, spinning with a Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel offers an excellent opportunity to relax while also producing unique and beautiful yarn.  

Not only can you spin lovely even yarns with a Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel, you can also spin textured art yarns with varying thicknesses; you can even insert items such as beads or buttons. 

Though its name implies it, you don’t have to banish your Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel to the floor and only use your feet to spin the wheel, you can also place your Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel on a table and spin the wheel by hand; some Kick Spindle Spinning Wheels can even be used while they are in your lap. 

I have found that people in 19 th century America and Eastern Europe used a design similar to my Basic Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel. 

After studying Medieval sources, I found other designs with horizontal spindles which have been adapted and included in How to Make Your Own Kick Spindle Spinning Wheel.

Penelope with the Suitors by Pinturicchio of Perugia - 1509

Konrad von Ammenhausen 1467 manuscript

Le Livre de Valerius Maximus 15th century