Maguss Armor

I am enjoying playing Maguss! 

I think better though, when I can lay out all of my options before me, so I created a list of the armor that I have, and thought that you might like it as well.

The information here is taken from the Android version of Maguss.  My character is a Paladin, and I am an Indiegogo backer, so some of my information may be specific to me.

The game can be found in the Google Play Store here

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The game is in beta and things are subject to change.  I am not responsible for for changed information or typos.

I hope you find this list useful!

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– determines strength of attacking and healing spells
Defense – reduces damage received from enemy spells
Concentration – affects how likely a spell will hit
Evasion – affects how likely that you will avoid an enemy spell
Critical Empower – how much stronger your spell will be if it is a critical hit
Critical Chance – the chance that an attacking spell you cast will be a critical hit
Max HP – max hp


Poor - grey, Good - orange, Excellent - green, Mint – bright orange, Legendary - purple

I - Worn Out – Set Bonus – Max HP

Head - Concentration
Upper Body - Defense
Lower Body - Evasion
Wand – Empower

II – Breezy – Set Bonus – Critical Power

Head – Critical Power
Upper Body – Debuff Cure
Lower Body – Sorcery Evasion
Wand – Magic Arrow

III – Adventurer – Set Bonus – Concentration

Head – Critical Chance
Upper Body - Defense
Lower Body - Evasion
Wand - Empower

IV – Intriguing- Set Bonus - Empower

Head - Concentration
Upper Body – Max HP 30
Lower Body - Defense - Thanks Eric
Wand – Critical Power - Thanks Eric

V – Native – Set Bonus Monster XP

Head - Infliction Defense
Upper Body - Defense
Lower Body – Charm Concentration
Wand - Empower

VI – Earth - Defense
Head – Max HP
Upper Body - Sorcery Concentration
Lower Body - Evasion
Wand - Concentration

VII - Rebel – Spell XP
Head - Concentration
Upper Body - Evasion
Lower Body - Concentration
Wand – Critical Power

VIII – Fullmetal – Critical Chance
Head – Dark Arts Concentration
Upper Body - Defense
Lower Body - Max HP
Wand - Empower

Rings – cannot wear 2 rings of the same level
I  - Luck – Critical Chance
II – Life – Max HP 20
III – Dyn – Critical Power
IV – Recovery – Heal Empower
V – Invocation – Concentration
VI - Critical - Critical Chance
VII – Infliction – Infliction Empower
VIII – Speed – Critical Evasion

I –
II – Needles - casts  Pine Needles at the start of a fight
IV –
V –

Spell Books
Herbologists Diary - 5% Herblore XP - Thanks Eric
I –
II –
IV – Scavenger’s Guide – when gathering ingredients, there is a 1 in 3 chance of getting an additional ingredient
V –
Thank you Adam for finding other purple items - I only had one purple item - an amulet - so I thought all amulets might be purple.
Thank you Eric for items I was missing and the first spellbook.