Maguss Potions & Ingredients

I am enjoying playing Maguss! 

I think better though, when I can lay out all of my options before me, so I created a list of the potions and ingredients that I have available, and thought that you might like it as well. 

The information here is taken from the Android version of Maguss.  My character is a Paladin, and I am an Indiegogo backer, so some of my information may be specific to me.

The game can be found in the Google Play Store here

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The game is in beta and things are subject to change.  I am not responsible for for changed information or typos.

I hope you find this list useful!

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Potions are created from ingredients and Tonic, which replenishes over time or can be purchased for gold.

This is a list of the recipes that are available in the Store.  They are not by level, but are grouped together by what they do.
Some of the items have my own description of their icon to help keep me straight :)

To create potions, collect the ingredients, check your tonic level, then pop gold bubbles, but avoid the green ones.  Different potions require different amounts of bubbles, and different quality levels are achieved by different quantities of bubbles popped.  It seems that most perfect potions take about 35 gold bubbles popped.  After that it is waiting while the potion brews.  If you like, you can speed up the process by watching advertizing (which also gets you another form of currency) or using magic beans. 

Shop / Luxuries / Booster sells a Brewing XP booster, so you might want to purchase that before you begin mass brewing :)

Different potions give different amounts of XP, as well as different qualities of the same potion will give different XP.  The XP amounts may change as you level up your brewing skill.

Ingredient Packs can be purchased from the Luxury / Packs / Ingredient Packs section of the store for Magic Dust.
Here is what you will find inside of each one:

4 – Hobbyist – ginger 5, sage 5, rosewater 5, sandal wood 5
7 – Gardener – chamomile 5, Ironwood Bark 5, Lavender 5, Crabapple 5
12 – Landscaper – toad skin 5, Mandragora Medulla 5, Lone Wolfs Fang 5, Wasp Stinger 5
19 – Botanist – Crushed Gemstone 5, Tree of Life Sap 5, Oil of Black Death 5, Dragon Talon 5
28 – Herbologist – Moonwart 5, Basilisk Scale 5, Troll Slime 5, Unicorn Hair 5

You can also find magic beans to replace ingredients that you don't have - just use the white + button that is on the missing ingredient in the recipe. 
If you don't have enouogh magic beans, you can purchase them them in the potion making window by pressing the white + button. 


Small Healing Potion – 75, 100, 150
Ginger 2
Rosewater 3
5 min
2 Tonic

Recovery Potion
Heal up to 300
Ginger 4
Rosewater 5
Toad skin 2
42 min
5 tonic

Life Potion
Recover ALL hit points - Perfect heals 1200 HP
Ginger 6
Rosewater 8
Toad Skin 4
Moonwort 2
301 min
20 tonic

Rejuvenation Potion
Recover a small amount of hit points each cycle during combat
Toad Skin 4
Unicorn Hair 4
Oil of Black Death 4
Basilisk Scale 4
512 min
37 tonic

Luck Potion
Improve Critical Chance
Lone Wolf’s Fang 3
Ironwood Bark 4
56 min
11 tonic

Long Island Potion
Cool down 1 additional heat point each cycle
Chamomile 8
Crabapple 4
Oil of Black Death 4
Dragon Talon 3
336 min
31 tonic

Mind Potion
Raise Empower
Sandal Wood 2 - Chocolate bar
Sage 3 - Purple flower with leaf
13 min
5 Tonic

Intellect Potion
Boost Empower
Sandal Wood 4 - Chocolate bar
Sage 5 - Purple flower with leaf
Wasp Stinger 3
74 min
13 tonic

Psyche Potion
Improve Empower
Sandal Wood - 5
Sage 7 - Purple flower with leaf
Wasp Stinger 4
Unicorn Hair 3
266 min
23 tonic

Warding Potion
Raise Defense
Sandal Wood 2 - Chocolate bar
Lavender 3 - Purple flower no leaf
16 min
3 tonic

Barrier Potion
Raise Defense
Sandal Wood 4 - Chocolate bar
Lavender 4 - Purple flower no leaf
Mandragora Medulla 3 - green snail shell
74 min
13 tonic

Protection Potion
Boost Defense
Sandal Wood 5
Lavender 7 - Purple flower without leaf
Mandragora Medulla 4 – green snail shell
Troll Slime 3
266 min
23 tonic

Agility Potion
Raise Evasion
Sandal Wood 2 - Chocolate bar
Chamomile 3
16 min
5 tonic

Dexterity Potion
Improve Evasion
Sandal Wood 4
Chamomile 5
Tree of Life Sap 3 - green wispy
96 min
15 tonic

Venomous Potion
Boosts your Infliction spells & your defense against Infliction spells
Sage 3 - Purple flower with leaf
Lavender 3 - Purple flower without leaf
Ironwood Bark 4
21 mn
4 tonic

Attention Potion
Raise Concentration
Sandal Wood 3 - Chocolate bar
Crabapple 3
21 min
6 tonic

Tranquility Potion
Raise Concentration
Sandal Wood 4
Crabapple 5
Crushed Gemstone 3 – Topaz stones
96 min
15 tonic

Knock Down Potion
Make crits hit harder
Lone Wolf’s Fang 4
Ironwood Bark 6
Tree of Life Sap 3 - green wispy
152 min
14 tonic